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Your kit and you.
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26th Sep 2016

As a Non-military entity, the company is bound to the same rigid uniform standards. Unless explicitly stated in this post assume that you can use it. Remember that you can always store extra gear and ammo in your vehicle in case you are in need of a resupply. Requesting for supplies to be air dropped should always be a last resort.

First Aid Kit

The only medical supplies everyone that is not the EMT  should have are bandages, quick clot, and tourniquets. Anything else is for the EMT only. You should carry enough gear to cover your self and at minimum one other. Only one or two tourniquets should be necessary in any given scenario. Always try to keep spare medical gear in your squads assigned vehicle for longer missions. Try to keep extra body bags in your vehicle so you can help in retrieving dead team mates when possible.


Most Rifles and shotguns are open to everyone except for Designated Marksman Rifles (for the purposes of the company, any rifle that only has a semi-automatic or bolt action capability is considered a DMR.), usage of launchers are authorized by the commanding official of the mission on a mission-by-mission basis. M203s are also allowed. Light Machine guns can be used but it is recommended that you talk with someone in your team to act as your ammo bearer.  It is suggested that Squads try to coordinate what guns to use based on ammo taken, but this is personal preference. Grenade (Frags and smokes.) are suggested but not required. Everyone can have a side arm is they want one under the caveat that it must be a semi-automatic pistol. Silencers are only to be used when the Missions commander authorizes it.

Body Armor

Everyone must have body armor without exception. Any of the ones available are authorised except for ones that denote a specific organization (Sheriffs department, FBI, etc.). Armor with a specific countries flag are allowed.

Anything from the Tryk mod that is not a ghillie suit.


Everything is permitted.

face wear

Everything is permitted.


Anything not a Radio, gun bag or component to a crewed weapon.


There is no such thing a "Smoke free area" in this company. Smoke'em if you got'em. Yes we are aware it serves no purpose aside from aesthetics.


Everyone unless otherwise stated will only use the RF-7800S-TR with a MicroDagr Radio Programmer.

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26th Sep 2016

Read and Understood
Forum » Forums » Company Standard Operating Procedures
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