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Unit Composition and Rank Structure
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26th Sep 2016

Given how early it is for us, there may be some changes in the near future. All of these units recieve their own call sign.


A group of  9-13 Contractors lead by a Squad Leader. A Squad is divided into two teams each staffed with 4-6 members including the Team Leader.  Teams will always have the call signs Alpha and Bravo. 

Marksman Team
A team of two with one Contractor acting as a sniper and the other a spotter. Senior of the two will hold the Rank of Team Leader with the possibility of promotion to Squad Leader as a respectable amount of time passes..

Rotary Flight
One to three helicopters. For Choppers that require a crew, a person who wishes to be a pilot without any available slots can opt to become a crewman for one of these choppers in exchange for top priority for a slot next time a slot open. The Senior Pilot of a Chopper will hold the Rank of Team Leader while the leader of the Flight will hold the Rank of Squad Leader. Choppers will be known by their Flight Callsign and number in precedent.  For example the chopper that the Squad Leader is in will be Known as Viper-1, the 2nd Chopper in the CoC will be known as Viper-2 and last chopper will be Viper-3.

Task Force Command Element
The center of a Task Force that provides direction, medical care and communication between the Ground Elements, Flights and Corporate. Lead by a Task Force Leader.

Task Force
Ad Hoc groups of made up of any combination of the above units that are delegated a specific task in the missions. The CoC will be hammered out by the Squad Leaders and Task Force Leader on formation. Should no Task Force Leader be available than either the COO or CEO will fill in.

Command and Control Unit
Should Corporate not be needed in the line units than they will by default make up the C&C unit. The C&C unit is the head of any official operation that makes up the plan, forms and assigns the Task Forces and adjust the plans as the situation changes. C&C will have its own Radio-Operator to maintain a line of communication with the Task Forces and EMT.

Chief Executive Officer [CEO.]
The leader of the company and primary policy maker.

Chief Operations Officer [COO.]
The 2nd in charge of the company who is responsible for enforcement of Company Policy and manages the executives.

Less a rank and more of a side appointment to any rank he already possesses, the executive is the head of a staff section in the company. His job is to capable members into his staff section and oversee the day to day operations in that field.

Task Force Leader [TFL.]
A senior leader with a lot of experience, the Task Force Leader is the management of a mission, responsible for any task he has been given charge of.

Squad Leader [SLR.]
The Middle management of the field operations, the Squad Leader is head of his own unit within the company. His responsibilities include making sure those in his charge are up to snuff, maintain attendance and are following company policies.

Team Leader [TLR.]
A senior member who has been given charge of a sub group within a unit to help the Squad Leader manage it. 

Contractor [CON.]
Base member who has graduated from the Queensland Training Center who can fill any of the roles within the Company. 

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26th Sep 2016

Read and Understood
Forum » Forums » Company Standard Operating Procedures
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