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The condescending guide to surviving the zone.
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30th Sep 2016

Common sense advice that most people seem to lose sight of.

1. Don't go anywhere alone unless you absolutely have to. Even than, think twice about it.
Does this need to be explained? You can't point your gun at all sides at the same time, too many blind spots, too many potential ways to die from a wound that may not of been fatal if it was treated.  

2. No matter how stupid the order, listen to your leader.
You survive and act as a group. In order for this work everyone must be on the same wave length, having violations in the chain of command could cause the system to fall into disorder and result in a mission failure because no organized action can be performed. Team cohesion is sacrosanct.

3. Try to keep off topic conversation to a minimum.
Small talk is perfectly fine, there are usually lulls in the action which can get boring with the dead silence. But there is a time and place, try to maintain Tac-Coms when in the zone.

4. Watch your sector.
Nothing more to say besides call out a compass direction no one else is covering when on hold. 

5. Go for the chest.
Head shots are more often than not a waste of time and ammo. Go for the torso, It's a bigger target. 

6. Don't bunch up.
Keep about atleast the amount of distance that a grenade would kill you in between you and the next guy. Try not to share cover unless you absolutely have to. That rock probably won't cover the two of you anyway.

7. Hit the dirt!
Remember to prone if there is no cover, if you hear a grenade land, or if you need to get in a long range shot. The guy who stands tall and proud is always the first to get cut down in a fire fight.

8. Give the wounded breathing space!
If a man is wounded and someone has already called or is performing first aid on a wounded team member, keep providing cover. You don't need to dog pile the sod. If someone in the other team has been wounded, let his mates take care of it. You have your own to worry about. If you are wounded and the EMT hasn't seen you yet, call him over for a check up. You might need a quick morphine injection or either you or your mate botched the first aid.

9. The car has space.
Use it, you don't know how much gear you'll need and it always better to bring too much and leave it in the car than not enough.

10. Aiming Deazone
This is largely personal preference, but if you can learn to use the Aiming deadzone you can cut down on your reaction when you are aiming.

11. CTRL-K
Learn Kentucky windage.

12. Talking guns.
Time your shots with your team mates. For one person that's not shooting there should be another shooting. It'll conserve your ammo and keep up the pressure.

13."Fire without movement is wasteful, movement without fire is suicidal."
For every man moving there should be another shooting. Always. 

14. If there are no civilians; when it doubt, frag out.

15. It's okay to make a questionable decision if your the one calling shots, but don't be indecisive.  Where do you think you have a better shot, Here without a single coherent idea or over there with a wrong idea that you can fix as you move along?


Forum » Forums » Company Standard Operating Procedures
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