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Radio Procedure and Team Frequencies.
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4th Jan 2015

The 10 commandments of Radio operation

I. Thou shalt not use thy Radio as a Cell Phone. Should thy comrade be at thy shoulder just speak in yonder direct chat. Should the information not be so pressing as to inform all than leave it off thy airwaves.

II. Thou shalt practice brevity in thy radio communications. Speak only what is needed, no more, no less. Thou shalt also leave out fucks, shits and and other unneeded words to keep messages efficient as to not clutter the air waves. Collect thy thoughts before speaking as to avoid stuttering and pauses.

III. Thou shalt obey thy leaders command of "Tac-Comms" to steel thy radio (and talking in general.) discipline to prepare for battle and his Order of "Clear-Comms" to cease all communication to make way for important transmissions. In the tongue of the Lay man; Shut the fuck up and prepare for blood.

IV.  Every man should right down his teams Radio Freq. on a sticky note and put it where he can see it  to cut down on prep time

V. The HQ element shalt not speak on the airwaves unless needful. He shalt declare a time frame which his team leaders shall report to him with updates. Other wise he shall only when updating orders, answering transmissions from his team leaders, relaying intel of the highest import or to press his teams to be faster or slower. Any who does more than this only serves to cloud his leaders attention and harm his ability to communicate with his men.

VI. Thou shalt not move another Frequency or channel unless in dire need.

VII.  Should thy Leader fall thous duty is to retrieve his radio and take charge of thy teams communication.

VIII. One man shall speak at a time on the Radio. Interruptions shall be allowed only in dire need.

IX.  Never turn the speaker on. Ever.

X. Thou shalt set thy radio to a specific ear to allow for easier identification of transmission source and to better multitask.
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