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13th Oct 2016

Please post you Ark mod Suggestions here and give us a reason why you would like it added. We will consider the mods and add a reply if we will add them or not and a reason why. Please make your mods mature.

I. Fox
Dirty Aussie's Inc
Joined: 27th Sep 2016
Rank: Contractor
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13th Oct 2016 ... etails/?id=725398419
Snappy Saddles
Allows us To Snap Walls To platform saddle with out the foundations ... etails/?id=757669231
Echo's OCD Stacking Storage v2.1
Allows you to make Storage Box What u can stack on Top of Each Other ... etails/?id=693416678
Reusable Plus
This mod Make Those Item Reusable
Flare Gun
Grappling Hook

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Last Edit: 13th Oct 2016 by randomjelly
Joined: 27th Sep 2016
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13th Oct 2016 ... etails/?id=710880648
DinoOverhaul X

Over Hauls the dinos
Suggested it Because im evil
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Joined: 5th Oct 2016
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15th Oct 2016

okely dokely.. SO! first up on the list: ... 0452&searchtext= the NPC Bush People! (this is v4 but there is a v5 i also saw) add a new level of difficulty of enemy players that are ai! ... 6807&searchtext= 3's lootcrate! not sure if worth it, but appearently adds more stuff to higher end drops, and cave drops ... 0378&searchtext= third up on the list, are you tired of the levels of the dinos and want to make it insanely harder? look no further! with a max wild dino level of 9600 AND +500 max for taming! ... 1083&searchtext= going hand in hand with the dirty aussie name, how about dirty guns! currently adds a high powered sniper, and a light machine gun! perfect for caving! booya!

and last but certainly not least... are you needing power at an earlier age but can't quite get the metal? how about getting power in the oldschool way! look no further then...DINO POWER!!! ... 9867&searchtext=

(just for lols too... ... 2006&searchtext= for those who love magic)
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Last Edit: 15th Oct 2016 by t3rm1n83r
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